Book Review

Chances Are… by Richard Russo

Richard Russo’s first book, Mohawk, is the same age as me, and throughout my entire life, he has been gracing the world with his talent. His impressive track list leads us to his most recent work, Chances Are…, a novel released this past summer.

There are three sixty-six year old friends who make up our main characters: Lincoln, Teddy, and Mickey. There are also three supporting characters: Jacy, the men’s love for Jacy, and nostalgia. Unfortunately, the former of these is quite literally the former, as she went missing many years earlier.

This fact forms a very thrilling mystery to accompany the emotionally driven reflections that much of this novel revolves around. Our three elderly protagonists are reuniting at an old property in Martha’s Vineyard for the first time in decades. Since Russo’s characters are always very humanly flawed, this opportunity is both joyful and daunting for each of them. As they are pulled back into their pasts, we see them in all of their glory, for better and for worse.

Each chapter is told from one of our protagonist’s individual point of view, and because of this, we make and doubt our revelations right alongside the characters. This makes the story all the more gripping, as we yearn to solve the mysterious disappearance that has plagued them for so long.

And that is all even before the genre switches to an all out drama that will likely leave an impact on you.

I have never been disappointed by Mr. Russo, and Chances Are… is no exception. He writes with his usual wit and grace, but takes us down a slightly different path than he usually does. This is not to our detriment, though, since the story remains as beautiful as ever.

Since this is my first book review here, you will just have to take my word that I do not often give perfect scores, but I found Chances Are… to be a 5 out of 5.

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