Got a minute?

A long series of events and decisions have led you through your whole life so far, all the way to this moment, where you are reading this particular blog post. I’m so glad they did, too, because I wrote this for you. I wanted to speak to you directly.

You are such a strong human being. I know this because you’ve made it this far. You’re not a stranger to hardships, yet here you are. I am proud of the life you have lived. I am proud of your successes, and I am proud of your failures. Both have shaped who you are.

You should stop beating yourself up over worries and flaws. You’ve gotten through everything else, so why doubt that you’d do so again? Also, your flaws are beautiful. They combine with everything else to make you unique. You have been, and always will be, the perfect you.

Isn’t it great that we live in such a gorgeous world? Don’t judge it by corruption, war, and such. That’s not the world, that’s just people. Focus more on that tree outside. How long has it taken for it to reach this stage in its life? How many stories could it tell? What an awesome, ancient piece of this world. It seems so insignificant if you think of what a speck it is compared to the vastness of everything, but it contributes so much. It gives you oxygen. It provides homes for other beings. It exists, and thanks to that, we are reflecting on it right now.

Existence alone is enough to contribute to this world. Check. You have worth. Remind yourself of that more often. Your existence is enough, and yet you do so much more. You have a refillable reserve of compassion, and it’s so great when you distribute it, but don’t forget that you can have some, too. It’s not selfish to love yourself. It’s important. How could you ever carry someone on your shoulders if you refuse to focus on your own balance?

I’m glad we got to connect. It’s always great to be a part of another life, and I am especially honored to be a part of yours. Seriously, you are fantastic. I love you, and I am far from the only one who does. Take care.

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